Jonathan Gravells M.A., MSc., FCIPD

Jonathan is a highly-qualified and experienced executive coach and mentor, who has trained coaches and mentors both in the U.K. and around the world. He has worked with a diverse range of organisations, from start-up businesses to multi-nationals, and from small social enterprises to the National Health Service.

An experienced senior human resources professional, Jonathan has a 30-year track record of successful change in industries going through tough transitions. He was Director of HR at Carlsberg-Tetley and Express Dairies, following an early career spent in both HR and line management roles with Pilkington and Tube Investments.

Qualifications  - Jonathan has a masters degree in Coaching & Mentoring and Organisational Change

Specialist skills  - Coaching, mentoring, facilitation, leadership & talent management, organisation development & people strategy

Affiliations - In addition to his work with Fargo clients, Jonathan also undertakes pro bono consultancy on behalf of Impetus Trust.

Current research - Leadership in social enterprises, stories & imagery in coach/mentor development

Publications - Jonathan has published a number of books and articles on mentoring, coaching and leadership.

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