Strategy Development

Developing talent in your organisation

We help organisations who want to integrate coaching and mentoring into their overall talent management strategies. This includes advising on implementation, training coaches and mentors, & supporting their ongoing development.

More and more organisations are discovering that well-designed and integrated coaching & mentoring strategies can help them to:

  • Get the most out of leadership development budgets
  • Provide more lasting learning than training courses alone
  • Improve talent management & succession
  • Retain and develop current and future leaders
  • Raise employee engagement & change capability

Fargo has many years of experience helping organisations to design, implement and run their own coaching and mentoring programmes. These may be supporting leadership development, talent management, graduate training, or wider organisational change. The kind of projects Fargo Associates has undertaken in this area include:

  • Helping implement mentoring schemes in multi-national companies, law firms, police forces and central government
  • Developing line manager coaching skills as part of improved performance and talent management strategies