Strategy Development

Organisational Change

Whether you are reorganising, expanding or integrating newly-acquired activities, we can help your leaders plan, implement & embed change that delivers measurable improvement, employee commitment and an enhanced capability to handle changes in future.

We specialise in helping people and organisations improve their ability to realise change successfully. We have many years of practical experience implementing change in companies undergoing major transitions, and we know how important it is that projects deliver:

    • Embedded change
    • Employee commitment
    • Measurable improvement
    • Leadership capability to handle future change

The kind of projects Fargo Associates has undertaken in this area include:

  • Helping top teams design and implement organisation structures that will accommodate future growth
  • Involving and engaging employees in major change
  • Coaching and supporting internal change agents
  • Helping organisations develop values & behaviours consistent with their culture and business aims
  • Conducting culture fit surveys as part of change projects or acquisition integration