Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Working with individual senior managers or the whole team, we can help you collect and analyse relevant information, think through what this means for future direction, compile a strategy which is coherent and well-integrated with other parts of the business, and communicate this in a meaningful and compelling way.

If you are responsible for developing strategy, for your own function or for an entire business, you will probably be grappling with a number of processes:

  • Understanding what has worked well, or is working well now
  • Researching what is happening outside your organisation, with customers, competitors, etc.
  • Pulling your own ideas together, along with those of other stakeholders, into a coherent plan
  • Communicating your chosen strategy and getting buy-in

We have an impressive mix of people management, marketing, research, coaching, facilitation, and communication skills, which enables us to work closely with senior individuals and their teams to help them make the best possible job of these difficult but crucial activities. Specific projects include:

  • Executive mentoring & coaching
  • Facilitating team strategy workshops
  • Researching marketing, branding, packaging, merchandising etc.
  • Researching current best practice
  • Conducting culture fit surveys as part of change projects or acquisition integration